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Quick Summary

Personal use of the template or library : Free

Business use of template or library : Free

Library Program and Source Code : Distribution and transmission prohibited, distribution after modification prohibited

  • Can
  • Commercial Use
    You can use the library for commercial purpose.
  • Private Use
    You can use the library for private purpose.

  • Cannot
  • Distribute
    You cannot distribute library without discussion.

  • Must


Full License Text

End User License Agreement

1. Purpose

These terms and conditions (these "Terms") are applicable to the use of the "ApplisForm template" and "Agate Library" , and these Terms contain the contractual terms and conditions and procedures of use and the rights and obligations, responsibilities and other requirements between LOGEO and the template or library user(the "User").

2. Definitions

The terms used in these Terms have the following meanings, and interpretation of the terms that are not defined in these Terms have the definitions under the relevant laws and regulations and as prescribed in notices.

a. Library : Agate library, which is software released by LOGEO to users for use in development of mobile application.

b. Mobile Application : A program which the User creates using the template or library and is configured for installation and use on mobile devices.

c. Web Site : An Internet website operated by LOGEO for the purpose of distributing the template or library and providing the user guide and other information necessary for the use of the template or library.

d. User : A person who agree to these Terms and develops, deploys, manages and operates Mobile Applications through the use of LOGEO's template or library.

e. App. Market : Users can register mobile applications developed by Apple's App Store, Google's Android Market is a market for mobile.


3. Effect and Modification of Terms

a. These Terms will first take effect when the User on this website chooses "Agree;" provided, however, that these Terms will no longer be effective from the time LOGEO withdraws the execution of these Terms upon the User's consent.

b. LOGEO will post these terms as a permanent menu item at the website screen so that the Users will have ready access to the contents of these Terms.

c. These Terms will become valid when the User chooses "Agree" and the "LOGEO" gives its approval.

4. Rights and Obligations

a. If the User does not comply with these Terms, the license policy or the user guide, etc., LOGEO may restrict or cease the use of or access to the Template or Library.

b. LOGEO may discontinue providing the template or library on a temporary basis without notice, due to unavoidable circumstances such emergency system maintenance, expansion or replacement, etc. In addition, LOGEO may discontinue providing all or part of the currently provided template or library for reasons that LOGEO deems appropriate.

c. For our library files, we don't allow your modification , processing without consultation of the Company.

With the redistribution , you must redistribute including the license file

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The copyrights to the library source code and installation files, demo Mobile Applications, technical guides and other documentation on the template and library provided by LOGEO belong to LOGEO ; provided, however, that the copyrights to the Mobile Application software created by the User through the use of the template or library will belong to such User.

6. Risk of Limitations on Mobile Applications and Disclaimer

6.1 Limitations when Using Third-Party Program

If there is a third-party program such as open source based libraries, etc. among the programs provided by LOGEO in accordance with these Terms, the User will be bound by the terms and conditions of the third-party program, and the user will be deemed to have agreed to such terms and conditions.

6.2 Compliance with App Market Policy

The Mobile Applications created by the User using the template or library of LOGEO may not be registered in the App Market for technical reasons or may require a separate registration process. LOGEO does not intervene or assume responsibilities in connection with the relationship between the User and the operators of the App Market.

7. User's Responsibility

7.1 Obligations on template and library

The User has the right to copy onto his or her computer and to use an appropriate quantity of the template or library to the extent such activity complies with the purpose of creating Mobile Applications. This right is granted during the term of these Terms on a limited, non-exclusive, and personal basis, and does not include the right sublicense to others.

7.2 Obligations on Mobile Applications

If necessary, LOGEO may place limitations on the API, modules, content, data, etc. which are included in Mobile Applications. The content of the Mobile Applications may not be in violation of existing laws such as by being pornographic, violent, subversive or disruptive to public order or being harmful to good social morals, and the features of the software may not interfere with the operation of mobile devices or other software.

8. Disclaimer

a. LOGEO does not bear liability in case LOGEO is unable to provide the template or library due to natural disasters or other similar force majeure event.

b. LOGEO does not guarantee that the Mobile Applications provided by the User using the template or library are lawful, reliable or free from defect, and LOGEO does not assume any liabilities for any damages incurred by the customer that use Mobile Applications.

c. LOGEO does not assume any liability in the event the template or library does not work as intended due to the User's production environments (ex : device specifications, etc.), or for any errors that may occur in the Mobile Applications developed using the template or library.


(Effective Date) These Terms are effective as of December 1, 2011.


Library Program and Source Code : Distribution and transmission prohibited, distribution after modification prohibited, LOGEO owns the copyright

Personal use of the template or library : Free

Business Use of template or library : Free

Mobile Applications Developed through Use of template or library : The creator retains the copyright of the relevant mobile applications


* The licensing policy above may change in accordance with LOGEO's internal policies


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