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the official licence for itos system software

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Itos systems uela for soft where use and selling license

Use of any Itos products in unauthorised areas such as unlicensed individuals or main streaming OS to system computers will equal a strict ban as such in the Designs and Patents Act 1988. individuals who sell or recreate soft where will also apply to legal firms due to recreation and soft where truanting law as is mandatory law in uk and Ireland

You also agree to the use of location tracking to update and terminate soft where allowed under the official secrets acts. Itos systems agree not to allow company's to access private data and all data stored on Itos incs servers will be encrypted and completely unreadable and therefore unusable. Itos also agrees to when asked immediate termination of any data hold on Itos systems servers. Itos systems take full responsibility for any data or corruption problems and promise to restore data immediately.

You agree to not recreate or dismantle internal systems components using data encryption programs is illegal and also in usable as all Itos data is stores and hard disk copies therefore rendering the soft where useless. You also agree to Itos using ams system tracking to detect truants and deviants to the system. You also agree to let Itos use the data gained from user interfaces to report suspicious behaviour and report system hackers using gps system location to locate Itos system soft where, Itos encrypts all user data to ensure maximum security for all users running Itos system os

Itos gains permission to use account data for Itos talk and cc connect to allow social communication between all devices Itos systems encrypts all data and promises not to monitor system communication anywhere as Itos system talk is stand alone and does not share information to other company's

Hacking system soft where can lead to immediate system termination tracking and prosecution from the world wide system protection services 2001 and are eligible to over £1000 of company fines

Thank you for using Itos system services


Bailey Forrester founder of Itos systems

Kathleen brown founder of Itos systems


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