Simple non code license (SNCL)

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Quick Summary

Note: This summary refers to the standard no flags license.

This license preserves the author rights and by default don't allow commercial distribution of the original or modified  without authorization of the author.

The author is only liable in things a license can't go over law like racism, instigating violence, and etc... so don't try to use this to write what your county's law don't allow.

You shall make clear that you are distributing a modified work when doing so as described in the licensee's rights and obligations clause in the license full text.

If distributing a modified version you must make clear what you changed via a changelog inside the object. 

Flag clauses (Copy them from the flags section):

If the author feels the need to do so he may activate the flag clause 3 that void every licensee rights and obligations except for the 1.1 and 1.6.

Flag clause 4 voids the trademark usage clause.

Flag clause 5 turns the license void and the licensor becomes completely safe from liability in the extent of the law. (ie public domain use it alone)


  • 3.This clause voids everything from 1.2 to the end of the clause 1 except 1.6. (Flag clause remove before using unless you wish this to become true)
  • 4.This clause voids the clause 1.4 forbidding the redistribution of licensor copyrighted material. (Flag clause remove before using unless you wish this to become true).
  • 5.The licensor waives form his copyright entirely and this entire license is voided except for the clause 2.

  • Can
  • Distribute
    Describes the ability to distribute original or modified (derivative) works.
  • Modify
    Describes the ability to modify the software and create derivatives.

  • Cannot
  • Commercial Use
    Describes the ability to use the software for commercial purposes.
  • Hold Liable
    Describes the warranty and if the software/license owner can be charged for damages.
  • Use Trademark
    Describes the allowance of using contributors' names, trademarks or logos.

  • Must
  • Include Copyright
    Describes whether the original copyright must be retained.
  • Include Notice
    Include a "NOTICE" file with attribution notes included.
  • Include License
    Including the full text of license in modified software.
  • Give Credit
    Describes the need to give explicit credit to the author when distributing the object.


Full License Text

Version 1.10.0

Copyright (C) {year} {Copyright holder(s)}.

Trademark (tm) {year} {trademark holders} (use only if you have a trademark if you don't remove this line)

The original creator(s) of the data or text under this license is thereby called the licensor.

The person physical or juridical obtaining a copy of the data or text under this license is thereby called the licensee.

The data or text under this license is therefore called the object.

  • 1.The licensee rights and obligations
  • 1.1.The licensee have the right to obtain a free copy of the object.
  • 1.2.It is a right of the licensee to redistribute unaltered copies of the object although commercial use is utterly forbidden (except with licensor express written consent).
  • 1.3.The licensee is given the right to adapt or modify the object to suit his needs and to redistribute the modified version subject to the following conditions:
  • 1.3.1.You must keep the following notice in any copy of the object that you may create: Written originally by {Copyright holder(s)} in {date YYYY-MM-DD}.
  • 1.3.2.You must keep a changelog somewhere inside the modified object in the following format: {version} {YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM (24 hours cycle)} {Description} {pages changed list}.
  • 1.3.3.The same rules about commercial use stated in clause 1.1 applies here.
  • 1.3.4.You must include the following notice in any object-modified copies you redistribute: This document or data is a derivative of {object information} and the information contained here may or may not represent the original document or data.
  • 1.3.5.In case of juridical problems that may arise from licensee edits the licensee is liable instead of the licensor.
  • 1.4.The licensee is given the right to redistribute work including any licensor copyrights originally contained in the object but not to use it on its own behalf. (void if the clause 3 is present)
  • 1.5.All of the above clauses are void if the licensee fails to accomplish his obligations stablished in clause 1.
  • 1.6.If the 1.5 clause becomes true the licensee must pay for any costs the licensor may have with juridical actions against him.
  • 2.The liability of the licensor
  • 2.1.The licensor is liable only for what himself wrote regarding juridical issues related to injury, racism or offense and any other crimes.
  • 2.2.The licensor is not liable for the content that was edited by third parties and the liability for such cases falls over the licensee as described in 1.3.5.


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