Tóca Operating System General License 2.0 (TOSG-2.00)

Code License managed by tocacorp, submitted on 2014/02/08.

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Quick Summary

A "Normal" License, made by Tóca CompuGlobal just for Operating Systems...

  • Can
  • Commercial Use
    Describes the ability to use the software for commercial purposes.
  • Modify
    Describes the ability to modify the software and create derivatives.
  • Distribute
    Describes the ability to distribute original or modified (derivative) works.

  • Cannot
  • Sublicense
    Describes the ability for you to grant/extend a license to the software.
  • Place Warranty
    Describes the ability to place warranty on the software licensed.
  • Hold Liable
    Describes the warranty and if the software/license owner can be charged for damages.

  • Must
  • State Changes
    Stating significant changes made to software.
  • Statically Link
    Describes whether the library can be compiled into the program (linked at compile time rather than runtime, aka dynamic linking).
  • Disclose Source
    Describes whether you must disclose your source code when you distribute the software.


Full License Text

Copyright (c) Tóca CompuGlobal Corporation Inc - All right reserved 2015

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.

    This license is applied only to “Operating Systems”, which refers to a computer program that is capable of making the communication beetwen hardware and software, composed by several layers such as kernel, daemons, GUI (etc..)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The person acquiring the "Operating System" is granted permitted use for:

    a) Commercial Use - This software can be used for commercial purposes in derivative works.  The “acquirer” (person acquiring or running the “Operating System”) can use the “Operating System” for any type of commercial  / non-personal use therefor in Corporations, Institutions Hospitals (etc..)

    b) Modify - This software can be modified.  The “acquirer” can change/alter/modify the software and source code  under the conditions present on this license.  Modifying is defined as changing the source code to apply to the acquirer's needs;

    c) Distribute - This software can be distributed.   The “acquirer” can distribute the "Operating System" under the conditions present on this license in either modified or untouched (in it's original form).

  2. The person acquiring the “Operating System” cannot:

    a) Sublicense - The “acquirer” must retain the original copyright and license.  If the acquirer changes the “Operating System” (modify) he cannot change the copyright or the license used;

    b) Warranty - The “acquirer” cannot put a Warranty on the “Operating System”.  If the “Operating System” is changed (modify) the “acquirer” cannot put on the "Operating System" a warranty;

    c) Hold Liable- The Software is released without warranty and the software/license owner cannot be charged for damages;

  3. The person acquiring the “Operating System” must:

    a) State Changes- If the “acquirer” changes the “Operating System”,  he must register the changes that has made from the original version in an accessible way distributed with the derivative version (i.e. written on the "source code" it self);

    b) Include Non-Static Link- If the “acquirer” changes the “Operating System” he has to put in the “Operating System” a text “link” to the original version, in such a way that the "end user" can know who manufactured/codded the original system;

    c) If the “acquirer” changes the “Operating System”, he has to publish the changed source code.

    End of License


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