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BSD 3-Clause License (Revised)

managed by kevin

"... The BSD 3-Clause License The following is a BSD 3-Clause ("BSD New" or "BSD Simplified") license, OSD-conformant. Despite its colloquial name "BSD New", this is not the newest version of the BSD, license; it was followed by the even newer BSD-2-Clause version, sometimes known as the "Simplified BSD, License". On January 9th, 2008 the OSI Board approved BSD-2-Clause, which is used by FreeBSD and,. Historical Background: The original license used on BSD Unix had four clauses. The advertising clause..."

BSD 2-Clause License (FreeBSD/Simplified)

managed by kevin

"... The BSD 2-Clause License The following is a BSD 2-Clause license template. To generate your own,, and substitute your own. Note: see also the BSD-3-Clause license. This prelude is not part of the, In the original BSD license, both occurrences of the phrase "COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS..."

4-Clause BSD

managed by Oliver


managed by acidburn0

".... GNU/Hurd, GNU/Linux, ARCH-GNU/Linux, ARCH/Linux, ARCH/BSD, ARCH/FreeBSD, ARCH/OpenBSD, ARCH/NetBSD,-GNU, Arch-BSD, Arch-Darwin/UNIX-Like, Arch-MINIX/Vervet-Racoon, Arch-Alpine/POSIX-2-Geckoo, Arch..."


managed by fullstack2014

"... JZlib 0.0.* were released under the GNU LGPL license. Later, we have switched over to a BSD..."

Attribution Assurance License (AAL)

managed by Henry

"... ASSURANCE LICENSE (adapted from the original BSD license) Redistribution and use in source and binary..."

Freetype Project License (FTL)

managed by Henry

"..., documentation and makefiles, at the very least. This license was inspired by the BSD, Artistic, and..."

RealNetworks Public Source License v1.0 (RPSL-1.0)

managed by Henry

"... BSD license Common Public License1 Eiffel Forum License GNU General Public License (GPL)1 GNU..."

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