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Communicating With Influence is one of the most important skills that a leader can learn. If you want to lead effectively, it is absolutely essential that you master this skill. Communicating with Influence is about influencing others to see things your way. This can be accomplished by using subtle persuasion or a more direct approach by employing a power of suggestion. Although Power of Suggestion is easier to apply when it comes to group dynamics, applying it to small group communication can be a powerful tool. Communication with Influence is a way of understanding and manipulating the conversational environment to work in your favor. Influence is also the power of confidence. When you feel confident you will naturally come across as a person of authority. It is easy to shape the perception of others by using carefully worded sentences and positive incentives. Communication with Influence is influenced by emotions. There are times that leaders take a stance or posture that is out of line with their true feelings and emotions. This, for them, makes them look weak and vulnerable. By using carefully worded sentences, carefully positioned scripts, and positive incentives, you can use your influence to take a more direct approach. One effective way to communicate with others is through conversation starters. A conversational starter is simply a statement that opens up a conversation. For example, if you are talking to your coworkers about a recent project you did, you might begin your comment with "I did a great job last week at a meeting with our clients." This sets the stage for a dialogue about the project and lets others know you are a person of authority. As they start to listen to you, more information about what they can do to benefit from your services will seep out. Another great way to get others to see your way is through stories. One great story that has been used successfully thousands of times is "The Power of a Positive Relationship". The story is about how an individual changed their negative image of themselves into a positive image of themselves. This was done by repeatedly describing how they felt after each step. People like to hear about themselves, and this can be done through stories. Communicating in ways that are not confrontational will also gain you more respect from others. Remember the scene in American History where Thomas Jefferson had a heated discussion with a crowd of people? Even though some of the crowd was being hostile, he refused to back down. If you feel you cannot fight for what is right, simply choose to communicate with those who agree with you. When communicating with others, don't hold back. Some great examples of this are quotes from various great writers. These can include poems or sayings. Others can be about how certain actions were taken or results were seen by other people. When you share these with others, you will begin to see them in a different light. Another great way to improve your communication skills is through listening. Listening to others is always beneficial. If you feel you are not listening to someone, find time to do so when they are speaking. You will begin to notice that others are less defensive of you once you begin to actively listen to them. It is always better to have a goal when communicating with others. When you know what you hope to accomplish through your communication, it will make it much easier to communicate with others. This will help you avoid wasting time on someone who has no interest in what you have to say. While there are plenty of communication skills that you can learn through books and other sources, practice makes perfect. That is why it is important to spend some time practicing before trying to communicate with other people. By practicing your skills, you will become familiar with the way you should speak to certain individuals. If you don't have any friends who are considered experts in the field, you can always seek out an internet forum where you can develop your own techniques. Last but certainly not least, the one thing that you should always remember is to be respectful of everyone else. Even if you think you know what you are talking about, remember your manners and keep communication between you and others flowing at all times. When you talk to people, address them by name. You can also make eye contact with someone when communicating, even if it's just for a second. As you get more comfortable communicating with others, you will find that you can engage in longer conversations and expand your circle of friends.

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