Mentoring is one of the most important components to a good business. I had been interviewing people in manufacturing companies as an entry-level supervisor and it became very evident to me that mentoring was not being done. This was surprising to me, since every company should be encouraging their people to become leaders. Leadership is what leads to success and mentoring is the pathway to that leadership. Why is it that some companies don't foster mentoring? If we have a look at some of the greatest organizations of all time, we will see a wide range of leaders. Some of these leaders are famous, some are not. However, we will see in any business the presence of good leaders and those who need mentoring. If you ask someone who has succeeded in a large role to whom mentoring is very important they will tell you it's a fundamental part of their success. You will hear similar statements from sales people, coaches and even family members. There is a big difference between having a mentor and having someone to bounce ideas off of. It's important that the mentoring you receive doesn't just come from someone who knows you well and is sympathetic. Mentoring should be from an 'insider'. Effective mentoring is very important and should be one of the primary activities of the employer. It allows the employees to grow, develop and teaches them how to become more effective in their own businesses. If your employees are not practicing mentoring in the workplace, they are literally wasting their time. I believe that all leaders should embrace the concept of effective mentoring. How do you determine if a person is doing well as a mentor? One of the criteria for successful mentoring is if you can get them to help you become successful. There is a saying that the successful leader is known by their flock. The flock listen intently and can act upon the suggestions of that leader with enthusiasm. I think most people would say that they like and respect a leader that is successful. It takes courage to recommend someone else's work. Sometimes leaders will help their workers do better in business, but they are not going to jump into everything themselves. They may consult other leaders for help or advise others. These actions are not done out of ego or selfishness, but out of a desire to help. There is no better way for a manager to learn about business then being mentored by one of his/her successful workers. You can get to know a lot more about what makes a leader successful by listening to someone who is successful. If a manager was to try to learn these things from an unsuccessful leader, it would take a great deal of focus, time and energy. This is counterproductive. It can also backfire. For example, if you are working with someone who is ineffective at communicating effectively, you can't learn much from them. You may get frustrated, but in the end you'll only be causing yourself more pain. It's much better to spend your time helping someone who's effective at communicating effectively. Or conversely, spending your time with ineffective leaders will cause you to see everything through a dark glass frame. It won't bring you any closer to success, it'll only make it more difficult. Another thing that is beneficial about mentoring is that you'll learn a lot about yourself. A common complaint that I often hear from my clients is that they feel like they don't really know what they're doing. They don't understand how they get results and therefore how to make their business more effective. Having someone else tell you what to do and how to do it will help you a great deal. It will give you some insight into yourself and what you need to be doing to be more effective. Mentoring can really help you improve your relationships with other people. Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern that is detrimental to us and others. When you're motivated to change and to try something new, you can experience a shift in perspective that can help. If you're having problems with certain people in your life, getting your hands dirty and putting your energy towards helping them could bring you a long way. All successful people know the value of mentoring and why they do it. Even the most effective leaders depend on mentoring from time to time. If you're willing to take the time to put forth the effort required, then mentoring can really pay off for you.

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